Installation Project, Evaluation

I have spent a few days thinking about and analysing my Installation and have come up with a number of points which I liked, parts that needed improving, notes for future projects as well as things I’d change..

Firstly, as a whole I really enjoyed the Installation week. I was able to mix with people form other disciplines and learn more about themselves and their course. I now have a greater understanding of the other course and how they work and have made a couple of friends id never normally think to talk to.

At first I wasn’t at all sure on our concept and idea and whether it was good enough but looking back I think it worked extremely well. Unlike some of the other Installations our idea was deep and left the audience provoked and thinking about some of the issues we touched upon. This worked a lot better than I anticipated and we really had a very strong opinionated reaction off people which really made me feel good. I also am glad that we took the time to think over other ideas and really work as a team to get to our final point as it really helped boost my problem solving skills and made us negotiate which is one thing I know I needed work on.

I still have mixed emotions on whether I would choose to perform my Installation in the same space being given the choice again. On one hand I was very very very cold the whole time and being the middle of winter an outdoor venue probably isn’t the best choice. The extreme weather conditions did not help this at all!!!! Also there was really poor communication to any group that wasn’t situated in the studio which annoyed me as there happened to be a few rep meeting which discussed issues we really needed to know about which we missed and crucial information like when our breaks were we didn’t find out until the last minute. This also made it hard for us to find a member of staff when we needed one. However on the other hand I really enjoyed having a bigger space that we could play around with and spread our stations out more. This helped the ascetics of our piece especially with the use of levels and the balconies as we wouldn’t have had them if we chose the studio to perform in. I also thought that our space gave us a lot more freedom and independence as other groups would have to stop there fit ups during the time when the lights were out, we could decide ourselves when was best for us to do what job without worrying about other groups. We could then decide our own breaks, meaning we had the opportunity to see everyone else’s Installations and use the process completely as our own which I don’t think a lot of the groups got to do.

One main point that stood out to me was that the Gender Equality section was the most popular of our topics. Now whether this is because of the strong natured facts we had or whether it was completely down to the fact that we spoke and performed this section I am unsure but I can’t help but feel that the use of performance was very useful and engaged the audience and if I was to do this again I would definitely incorporate this more. I am glad we used the reflection section of our piece and it creates another visual section to our Installation throughout the day whilst also giving us the opportunity to see what was most popular and what sparked comment so that if we were to develop this further we would have an idea of what to incorporate. We received some negative reactions to our information but in hind sight that is exactly what we wanted and expected meaning we succeeded at our task.
Overall I am very glad for the extra time to reflect with our tutors as it really gave me a good end to our project and really helped me to understand the effect our installation had on people. This process has helped me to grow as a person and I can take ALOT of this through to my course and develop my skills further which is extremely beneficial.



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