Installation Project, Reflection

After having a few days to reflect on our project I have been able to evaluate our Installation more.

We took all the post it notes from station four and collated them all into a number of collages..




It has been interesting to look at these findings as its seems that most of the comments left are based around the Gender Equality station. These are very opinionated and it seems that the comments made are very strong views from people who have been provoked or shocked by what they’ve heard.
I think the reason that this is the most commented on issue is that these facts were part of our performance station which was well received. I think because this gave them something to look at these are that facts that were best received and stuck with people.

If I was to do this Installation again I would definitely keep the use of the treasure map style floor as this worked well in giving the audience an understanding of what to do. I would also use more interactive or performance aspect as I felt this worked better then the book or screen to look at as the information was taken in better this way.


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