Installation Final Week, Day 5

Friday morning was our scheduled Get Out time and as we had limited amount of things to do we decided to come in at 11:00am. When we turned up we found all our chalk drawings still in tact and our tables and stations all still there.
Firstly we took everything back to its home before cutting down all the post it notes, (which we saved for a reflection/evaluation piece). We then found an empty bucket and covered the paving slaps with water. As one of us did that the rest used sponges and brooms to wipe away the chalk. This was a very easy process!!

After everything was done we attended the initial debrief with everyone else from Level 4 DMTA. I don’t think this worked very well at all as lots of people were just disagreeing with each other and not coming out with valid points. I don’t think it helped that there was around 100 people there who all had separate views and opinions on the project. I feel that this would have worked a lot better in DMTA or Installation groups with less people so everyone could be heard in a more civilised situation. I do however have a couple of points that I am going to make during Tuesday’s debrief with my team but am taking time to develop and reflect on this process so I can clearly understand how the Installation was received.


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