Installation Final Week, Day 4/Showings

This morning we woke up to find that it had rained/snowed overnight. For an Installation that was mainly chalk on the floor of an outdoor space this was not good!
We arrived at Bruford to find that our Installation was well a tad bit worse for wears…


Our first idea was to grab some brooms and attempt to sweep away as much water as possible. This failed.
As the boys carried in fitting up the technical aspects of our project we carried on brain storming in order to find a way of fixing our Installation.
We then came up with the idea of using heat guns to dry the paving slabs so off we went in search of heat guns.


On our return we found the technicians checking the safety of our venue. We were quickly enlightened to the fact that heat on a cold surface will cause a crack to form and with our venue being a listed building we could not afford for that to happen. So away went the heat guns and out came the endless rolls of paper towels we used to hand dry the floor by getting on our knees and scrubbing.

IMG_8871 As you can see Nikita was not impressed by this.

So finally after hours of work and re-chalking we had recreated out Installation and we’re ready and raring to go!!! Until the down pour at 13:00 which we were stood outside performing in!!!


IMG_8866 Luckily the sun soon came out and we had the great opportunity to see our audiences reactions first hand and how they were all effected by the information they received.


I throughly enjoyed this process. We then rotated out which meant we got a chance to experience everyone else’s Installation which was great to see the hard work and time that had been put in to them all. I really liked how different people interpreted the brief.

We returned from our break to find that someone, a fellow group member, had made the rational decision to close down our project. So we quickly rallied together and re opened in time for yet another hail storm but a rather large group of audience members as well.

Overall the experience was eye opening and interesting and even though I was very cold and tired, having the chance to perform was an exciting experience for me.

Next we aim to get rid of all of props and things we hired and read though all our comments made on the post it notes so we can create a findings board/collage of what people got form out work.


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