Installation Final Week, Day 3

This morning we met as a group at 10:00am to begin what we knew was going to be a very long, tiring day for us all, and boy was it!!!

We started the day with a Get In/Fit Up of the lights and projector with all their cables. Problem 1! The projection was not working for us at all. So we changed to plan B and found a monitor we could use instead..

IMG_8830-0 This actually worked out better for us as most of the information included on our video is the type of news you would watch on a TV anyway.
Meanwhile, whilst the boys carried on fitting the lights up me and Nikita decided to tape up the floor as this was a vital part of our Installation, this is where we came across problem 2. THE TAPE WOULD NOT STICK TO THE FLOOR!!! Initially when we tested this out the floor was dry and we hadn’t anticipated what would happen on a damp floor so we had to quickly think up a plan B. We headed over to Estates to check if it would be alright to chalk onto the floor and they agreed on the condition that we cleaned it all up during the get out. So we headed off to Sidcup in search of chalk. THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE!!!

The first place we tried was the Co-Operative..

IMG_8810 No luck!
So we moved onto a local card/craft shop..

IMG_8811 No joy here either!!
Then we tried Tesco and

IMG_8812 you guessed it no luck here either!!

Close to giving up we headed into a tiny little off-licence on the way back in hope that maybe they would have some and luckily THANK GOD, they had one left!! So we bought the last packet of chalk from the lovely lady and headed back.

On arrival back we grabbed our sticks of chalk and began marking out the floor ready for our rehearsal, this was very successful!!!




We took a much needed lunch break then gathered back together and worked as a team to set up Station 4, which included a spider web of rope, paper clips and post it notes..






Finally, we were ready to rehearse so we grabbed a couple of free members from other groups to come and take a look at our Installation before our tutors came to check on us. This went well!!!
We were then approached by another group who gave us their awful dilemma that they had a box full of pizza and needed to discard of the pizza in order for them to use the box. I mean how could we refuse that?!?

IMG_8839 Fuelled up and ready to go we performed our Installation to our Tutors who gave us some helpful tips on creating signs to guide people to our space, speaking louder and making a couple of our stations clearer.

We are now at the point where we have a few things to do before the big showing!!! Tomorrow we aim to come in for 10:00am and set up some signs for the audience. We also need to re-rig our lights and post it notes. We are hoping that our chalk markings will have lasted the night and the weather will have held up but failing that we have planned a precautionary time slot for us to re mark the floor. We will then rehearse and perform our Installation.



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