Installation Final Week, Day 2

What could you wake up to that could possibly jeopardise our Installation? SNOW THATS WHAT!!!

So this morning we woke up to find that it had snowed in Sidcup, which was an issue as today was the day we were planning on marking out our floor design and setting up our fixtures. We decided to meet at Bruford at 10:30am for a production meeting to share everything we had currently made and to discuss what we had left to do! After meeting and checking our space again we all agreed that we were happy with what we had already created and were stuck on what to do next so we sought the help of our tutor Kathy.

She agreed that there wasn’t much for us to do other than check the projector, so we decided to rehearse our performance section whilst we sourced a projector. Our rehearsal went well and helped us to sort levels and to feel more confident with the dialog.


Once we had found a projector we came across the issue that our initial plan and spacing of this wouldn’t work. We decided to adapt our idea and use a monitor and change the spacing of our stations or to change the angle of the projector and move the other stations. This is something we have discussed and will finalise tomorrow morning once we finish the set up.
All in all though our team work has really come on and developed much further which we are very with! WE ARE ONE BIG HAPPY TEAM!!!



Tomorrow is understandably going to be a long busy day and I look forward to seeing the challenging that await…



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