Installation Final Week, Day 1

Today was the the first day of the week of our Installation so we all met at 10:00am in the studios as one big group to make sure we were all clear on what needed to be done. During this time I was nominated as group rep to feed back to the other groups on what was happening and how we had progressed.
My group then went off to our designated area and had a group meeting deciding what needed to be done today. Sophie and Jonas went off to finish editing the video footage whilst Nikita and Simon headed to the Bru Bar to complete our book of facts. I went off to speak to Kathy about our budget and spending the money as well as going to find Jonathan to look at getting some tabs from the set store to use. This left Matt to create the Blurb and find out more about our lighting fixtures.
After completing these tasks Simon and I spoke to Linda in the cafe about borrowing some off their outdoor tables for the week. This was successful!! Yay another thing crossed off our list!!! We took these too our area so we could begin to decide on a plan of where everything could be placed ready for our mark out.
We then realised that until tomorrow and Wednesday when we have the rest of our equipment there wasn’t much left for us to do so we headed home to finish creating some of our props. I spent the afternoon making the cue cards for our performance aspect. These are on pink and blue cards to symbolise the gender inequality and are easy to read and interpret.


Now we are ready to collate everything we’ve made and do our final checks tomorrow and start discussing how we will go about forming our Mark Out and Fit Up.

Here are a couple of pictures from our productive morning…

IMG_8767 Nikita working hard on our Factual Book😂

IMG_8775 Team building in order to get all our tables and tabs over the locked fence and into our space!!!


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