Installation Project, Group Meeting

On Tuesday Morning, before our meeting with our tutors, my group had 3 hours spare for a meeting that would finalise and give us a better understanding on how we are going to stage our Installation.

We met in the Bru Bar and began by brainstorming initial ideas on what each of our stations could include. We decide on our first containing an book or facts for visual and interactive purpose. Our second being a silent video of relevant news stories based on current religious issues. Our third being an audio station in which two of us, on rotation announce shocking facts about gender and how it affects people and our fourth which will be where the audience can respond to what they have experienced and record this on Post It notes which will then be displayed. By doing this we ended up with a final decision on what we were going to include in each of the four stations, what each of our jobs would be during the Installation and what would need to stage this. Here are the notes we formed…


After completing this we moved on to creating a full equipment list of what we were going to have to buy and source over the next week and who would be in charge of doing this. My job is to creating the Que Cards for our third station and source the post it notes, paper clips and string for Station 4. Here is the list we came up with…


We then moved on to viewing our space and decided where would place each station for the best reactions and to be as safe as we could be. After ten or so minutes looking around we came up with a rough plan which I then sketched down…



Finally we began to creating an initial schedual for all the things that needed to be done and by who before next week begins. We also started breaking down next week into days and time slots so we could figure out when was best to do what for our project. However we only got up to Wednesday before we were called in for our meeting so we decided to look back over this on Monday and things would be changed and we felt we were in a good place and could revisit this another time.


We finished the day by sending emails out to relevant people, like Jonathon the Technician about what we would need to hire and use and booking these nice and early.

Overall I think we are currently in the best possible position for next week.


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