Installation Project, Week 4

This week has been a challenging week for our group. We had previously come up with a number of ideas but we’re stuck on how to develop them further or what theme/content we would include.
We decided to take a couple of hours to meet and try and focus down on one particular subject but two of our member were missing and we struggled to agree on anything. We were finding it really hard to get any ideas across and were pretty much just getting angry at each other.
We then met with Kathy who told us to strip our idea back to basics and try to find a suitable topic we were all agreed on. We knew that all 6 of us wanted to use the subject of Navigation from point A to B and create a journey for the audience. With this we came up with our finalised idea…

We have chosen to create a journey from one place to another and throughout that journey there will be 4 stations placed to inspire our audience, get them thinking and create an obstical for their path. These stations will contain facts on Gender, Religion, Social Class and also Personal Obsticals,. The first three will contain only facts about how these things both help and hinder your decisions in life and how they can be a great asset to your journey or an obstical. These will be portrayed by different forms of audio, visual and performance. The final station will be for the audience to reflect and have their input by adding their own personal obsticals they’d have faced or overcome in their life.

Now we have all agreed on this our next step is to split into pairs and research a topic each, mine and Simons is Gender and how this affects the world we live in. We will come together later this week to collate our findings and then discuss how we can show off this information in the best, most effective way.

Here is a post from our Facebook group of how we have communicated when we haven’t been able to see each other.



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