Installation Project, Week 3

This week we met back up with our groups to discuss our findings from over the holidays. Luckily enough all of my team had similar ideas which all focused around the subject of Navigation and getting from one place to another.
We came up with the idea of creating an Installation in which the audience must find the best route from Point A the entrance to Point B, the exit. The aim will be that they will be told about one route which seems quick and simple but they will come across an obstacle before exiting which means that they won’t be able to leave. This is from the research we found on when ships would only use one direct route but would be caught and stopped by Pirates. They will have navigate themselves around the space in order to find the Key/Passcode so they can leave.

We want the space to contain pieces of paper that inform the audience of important moments of time from our life’s as well as conversations between a couple of our group. This will symbolise that although one path may seem easier it’s sometimes better to take a longer, more thought out route that will direct you in a new direction and determine your journey whilst also helping you get to your final destination.

Whilst some of out team are more practical and will take the route of determining how the audience will use the space, Nikita and I have chosen to focus more on the emotional response we want the audience to get from our Installaion.

Whilst we still have a lot to discuss and think about we put down some initial ideas which we all agreed on as a starting point for our project. We are now going to spilt up and research more into our chosen topic before coming back together to add to our ideas and hopefully move forward more.



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