Installation Project, Group Meeting

On Tuesday Morning, before our meeting with our tutors, my group had 3 hours spare for a meeting that would finalise and give us a better understanding on how we are going to stage our Installation.

We met in the Bru Bar and began by brainstorming initial ideas on what each of our stations could include. We decide on our first containing an book or facts for visual and interactive purpose. Our second being a silent video of relevant news stories based on current religious issues. Our third being an audio station in which two of us, on rotation announce shocking facts about gender and how it affects people and our fourth which will be where the audience can respond to what they have experienced and record this on Post It notes which will then be displayed. By doing this we ended up with a final decision on what we were going to include in each of the four stations, what each of our jobs would be during the Installation and what would need to stage this. Here are the notes we formed…


After completing this we moved on to creating a full equipment list of what we were going to have to buy and source over the next week and who would be in charge of doing this. My job is to creating the Que Cards for our third station and source the post it notes, paper clips and string for Station 4. Here is the list we came up with…


We then moved on to viewing our space and decided where would place each station for the best reactions and to be as safe as we could be. After ten or so minutes looking around we came up with a rough plan which I then sketched down…



Finally we began to creating an initial schedual for all the things that needed to be done and by who before next week begins. We also started breaking down next week into days and time slots so we could figure out when was best to do what for our project. However we only got up to Wednesday before we were called in for our meeting so we decided to look back over this on Monday and things would be changed and we felt we were in a good place and could revisit this another time.


We finished the day by sending emails out to relevant people, like Jonathon the Technician about what we would need to hire and use and booking these nice and early.

Overall I think we are currently in the best possible position for next week.


Installation Project, Finalised venue

This week we came to a final deduction on where to hold our Installation.
We chose an outdoor venue, the courtyard in Lamorby House and we felt the levels and diversity of the space would really help our Installation to take shape.
Our venue has more than one entrance and exit which is perfect for our idea of Navigation and moving from point A to B. It also includes various levels and spaces which can act as obsticlas for the audience. This is one idea we are very keen on using. Another reason was the flooring was perfect for us to mark up and draw on co-ordinates which we decided would help our project a lot.

Here are a few images of our chosen area…








Installation Project, Research task

For the first part of our Installation we needed to come up with as much information/facts based on the three subjects of Religion, Gender and Social Class.
We paired off into groupings we thought would benefit us the most. I was put with Simon as he was the group member I would be able to see and communicate with the most easily. Our subject was gender and we have spent the past week and a half researching this topic and finding the most interesting facts that would influence and create a reaction from the audience the best below is the research I found…


Our next job was to meet up to collate all this ideas and develop he logistics of our installation.

Installation Project, Week 4

This week has been a challenging week for our group. We had previously come up with a number of ideas but we’re stuck on how to develop them further or what theme/content we would include.
We decided to take a couple of hours to meet and try and focus down on one particular subject but two of our member were missing and we struggled to agree on anything. We were finding it really hard to get any ideas across and were pretty much just getting angry at each other.
We then met with Kathy who told us to strip our idea back to basics and try to find a suitable topic we were all agreed on. We knew that all 6 of us wanted to use the subject of Navigation from point A to B and create a journey for the audience. With this we came up with our finalised idea…

We have chosen to create a journey from one place to another and throughout that journey there will be 4 stations placed to inspire our audience, get them thinking and create an obstical for their path. These stations will contain facts on Gender, Religion, Social Class and also Personal Obsticals,. The first three will contain only facts about how these things both help and hinder your decisions in life and how they can be a great asset to your journey or an obstical. These will be portrayed by different forms of audio, visual and performance. The final station will be for the audience to reflect and have their input by adding their own personal obsticals they’d have faced or overcome in their life.

Now we have all agreed on this our next step is to split into pairs and research a topic each, mine and Simons is Gender and how this affects the world we live in. We will come together later this week to collate our findings and then discuss how we can show off this information in the best, most effective way.

Here is a post from our Facebook group of how we have communicated when we haven’t been able to see each other.


Installation Project, Week 3

This week we met back up with our groups to discuss our findings from over the holidays. Luckily enough all of my team had similar ideas which all focused around the subject of Navigation and getting from one place to another.
We came up with the idea of creating an Installation in which the audience must find the best route from Point A the entrance to Point B, the exit. The aim will be that they will be told about one route which seems quick and simple but they will come across an obstacle before exiting which means that they won’t be able to leave. This is from the research we found on when ships would only use one direct route but would be caught and stopped by Pirates. They will have navigate themselves around the space in order to find the Key/Passcode so they can leave.

We want the space to contain pieces of paper that inform the audience of important moments of time from our life’s as well as conversations between a couple of our group. This will symbolise that although one path may seem easier it’s sometimes better to take a longer, more thought out route that will direct you in a new direction and determine your journey whilst also helping you get to your final destination.

Whilst some of out team are more practical and will take the route of determining how the audience will use the space, Nikita and I have chosen to focus more on the emotional response we want the audience to get from our Installaion.

Whilst we still have a lot to discuss and think about we put down some initial ideas which we all agreed on as a starting point for our project. We are now going to spilt up and research more into our chosen topic before coming back together to add to our ideas and hopefully move forward more.


Installation Project, Week 2

After a lot of thought I have decide I would personally like to put my main focus onto the subject of direction, navigation and maps. This subject has really stuck with me and I have a real interest in the evolution and Maps and discovering the best ways of travelling from one place to another.
I feel like there are many ways this can be interpreted into of project and I look forward to hopefully developing this idea further with my team.